Pistol River Shapes

So I wake up from a Sunday afternoon siesta by the beach and it still looks flat.  Luke, Jen and Holly show up and say there's maybe  a little more wave nearby and its time to go do it.  It always turns out to be a fun time around them when they're also out surfing so I don't hesitate to join in.  It turned out to be bigger and better than I expected so it really was a good time.   They eventually had to leave but there was still more waves happening so I guess I'm the only one out now.  I notice a nice set on the outside approaching so I get into position for one of them.  It turns out to be wave of the day and I'm in perfect position and dropping in on it. I'm racing down the line and the twin-turbos are kicking in nicely on the fast steep section and generating speed.  Suddenly I notice there's a clueless boogie boarder ahead(where did he come from?) and this wave is getting ready to close out hard.  Man it was really close but the board meeting ended ok.      

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