Pistol River Shapes

Sealion dropping in at the Rogue river.
4/22/2010 06:47:23

so what does csr7 stand for?

4/22/2010 09:18:22

sure that is't a Seagull dropping?
they are big down there. Oakie Steve will testify to that.

4/22/2010 14:24:32

Can't Seem to Remember exactly what it stands for. It mystifies even me now. Maybe it was Certified Surgical Repairs?

4/22/2010 23:08:25

i hope it's not 7 times then.
looking forward to getting down there this may, wind/wave willing.
Brian, will be bringing my 600mm lens and want to do sup and wave photo shoot.
Thinking of MaB a small boat rental to get some pics oceanside looking in. Any cheap ways to do that?

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