Pistol River Shapes

Even in all that wind, chop and current today it still gets out and into the waves just fine.  Fun rights and lefts again.  Luke picked up his new 5'4" surfboard yesterday.         

SUP was good


All I know is that I am so glad I got into SUP.   It is the best workout I've ever found and its great for balance.  Its also an excellent cross training activity.  The cape was so different with all the sand moved around by all the big swells lately, but great rides were still found.  What's really nice is there was both good juicy rights and lefts.  I had been mostly surfing alot earlier this month so it was really nice to finally have a good SUP sesh again on the 7'11" .      

Blue Sky


The skies finally cleared up and it actually felt like late spring here in the middle of winter.  Luke's board needed some details and then it was time to check the cape.  The wind had already blown out the surf and it wasn't really happening anyway so I waited around to see if any good windsurfing would develop.  It just looked too big, too light and messy to me.  Dana showed up and got some sailing in.  He started out blazing some tracks on the beach with the 4 wheeler and then suited up and snuck out on a 6.2 to catch a couple of big waves.  I'm thinking some possibly good SUP for tomorrow.    
Port Orford cedar stringer, balsa sandwich deck, tinted resin swirl bottom, waterproof core with the sweet poroelastic damping/lively ride qualities, S2 glass,epoxy tough and crazy light.  I'll post some pics soon.