Pistol River Shapes

Its been another long string of windy days but kinda flat and a little busy until yesterday.  The Rock was solid 5.2 with a nice swell hitting it and there was plenty to pick from.  The Cape looked fun too.  Here's a pic of Roger R. riding one.  Looks like he was borrowing one of Dana's sails. 
8/12/2010 11:55:30 pm


8/15/2010 02:44:16 am

Luke, Roger R, Deb and Dana were out at the cape that day. Hey, that's like how many are in a contest heat. Hey, that's just easy enough for me to subjectively score the impression of their expressions on the waves during the duration of my observation time.

1st place goes to Luke.
2nd place goes to Roger.

I take into consideration that they were just out freesailing and it wasn't really ever a contest. But hey, there was plenty of nice waves and wind to score.

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