Pistol River Shapes

Unfortunately Luke broke his universal in that crazy rip and his 4.8 rig took off.  Hopefully it will wash in and be found soon.  We were really glad to see that he got back to his board after swimming a good while.  It was an even bigger relief when he finally made it back to shore.  Then there was the bomb scare drama.  Rock looked more inviting than the cape.                 
4/9/2010 12:28:42 am

What was the bomb scare?

4/9/2010 03:35:58 am

A Trooper responded to a report from beachcombing tourists that there was an object that looked like it could possibly be an old mine/bomb on the beach north of the creek. First Trooper thought it looked like a weight or an anchor for a net but wasn't too sure what it was. Another Trooper and a Sheriff responded much later to have a look. Maybe they had more skills in making a better evaluation.

4/9/2010 05:32:08 am

I figured he meant 10 foot swell bombs..

4/10/2010 09:13:37 am

must have been alQueda in action; either that or a Qatar diplomat. They still have immunity? I'll have the Pistol River Boys show them some immunity.After The Boys finish, that diplomat will be immune to life.

4/10/2010 01:25:27 pm

BS as in BommaSquad. We can close down anywhere and cause everyone to evacuate from the area if necessary.

4/12/2010 01:35:35 am

launch site too crowded?
Just call the BS(BommaSquad);they'll clear the area nicely.

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