Pistol River Shapes

Linda Marshall photos
2/26/2010 07:16:42 am

me thnks u need a bkup leash; u no, like the dogs at the sailing sight that Steve the oakie was monitoring.

2/26/2010 07:19:22 am

nice pics; got my 600 mm lens VR AF AD(etc etc etc) and am hot to trot. can see a belly button at a mile with it.

2/26/2010 09:35:27 am

Sounds like Oakie Steve will be here again for more poop patrol bashings. I got one of your pix on now, need more. Fembuttons are nice. Linda just happened to be passing by on a smaller day but still got some nice shots from the parking lot in such a short while. I think I was caught inside and struggling to get back out for most of her shooting.

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