Pistol River Shapes


One of those days


There were waves and wind but it was tilted all the wrong ways.  It was a really nice day at the beach, but way too much wave size for the wind strength and for going windsurfing in it.  Too much wind for the wave size and was messing it up enough for any good surfing or SUP.  If there was a tsunami happening around here it was really hard to notice it today.   
3/2/2010 08:35:52

life is tuff: too much wind yet not enuff; too much wave yet not enuff.
reminds me of the traffic snarl at pistol with the bridge light and all.
btw is the bridge work done yet;will it be ready in time for the pistol wave bash?

3/2/2010 10:56:40

I'm wondering if hwy101 here will be getting a new blacktop this year. You never know when and where they may be working, closing-off turn-outs, and parking their equipment for the weekends or holidays. Then there's all that heat coming off the fresh blacktop and what it could do to the wind and butterflys.

3/4/2010 07:48:29

butterflys? i'll give u butterflys!


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