Pistol River Shapes




It might be easier to get to the shore at the Rock now with all the sand over the logs but the real challenge will be just getting off the beach.  Its real steep.  
5/23/2010 01:37:38 am

yo bro,
Capt Jack says there shd B xtra pts awarded at the pistol wave bash for sucessfully completing,wo loss of life or limb, the beachside manuever were the sailor is under the window of his sail looking at the stars thru it as the shore pound layers the sailor down in the sinking sand. The Capt would call it the 'The Star Wars manuever'..Extra point multiplier fr the amount of sand/salt water coughed up out of yr lungs.
i must say last yr i successfully completed this at the gold beach jetty when the swell was hi and the tide was right.
ltr gtr.

5/23/2010 02:26:45 am

Center stage for wipeout photo ops. It looked alot like the jetty. The whole beach is also like quicksand so factor that in and the walk back could be extra taxing too. What's really crazy is that the shore break tends to get worse during the season.

5/24/2010 03:38:34 pm

holy sand in your suit batman!

5/25/2010 01:44:06 am

groveling in the gravel.

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