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Two states


SUP'd in two states today.  Cali in the a.m. with Victor and a few more wave sliders and then in Oregon in the p.m.  CC was really fun and easy and then the cape was way more challenging as it was alot bigger and more powerful.  A tourist lady was really concerned about me being out there at the cape.  She said she was about ready to try  to swim out and rescue me. I'm not too sure if she was playing with a full deck as she also got really upset at me when I told her I was never in any trouble out there.          
4/26/2010 01:25:26

methinks she was into rubber and really wanted to do the self rescue by putting the sqeegy on u. was she pretty or the typical estrogen depleted widebody this country seems to be producing these days?

4/26/2010 02:51:48

Something wasn't balanced with her. She was picking up sand dollars,etc on the shore and putting it into the basket she was hugging. Almost everytime she leaned over to pick up another one she would spill more out and have to recover it.

4/26/2010 03:38:11

at least she had a nice day at the beach; amourous adventures with surf star (all decked out in kinky attire); rescuing same as he appeared to be in trouble; scintillating beachside te-a-te with said star;gathering beachside currency and hugging same; sunshine and rocky offshore vistas.why what more could a gal ask for.
be carefull there bro; there is more danger here than just sharks and mast high thumpers.

4/26/2010 05:01:29

MaB she was in two states too?

too too.

5/1/2010 08:17:11

I was in C. City on Sunday the 25th and had some of the longest rides i've gotten in a long time. Probably see you soon Bryan. As summer sailing approaches. Shane

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