Pistol River Shapes



www.chinooksailing.com     -     Trusted in Pistol River.

Northwave custom sails

www.northwavesails.com    -     Custom sails made in Oregon, USA. 
                                                                Proven in Pistol River.     
                                                                                                         Linda Marshall photo

Linda Marshall photography

www.lindasphotoworld.com  -  Lots of great photos of all the crew and more. 


www.northshoreinc.com  -  PADZ and more good stuff.

Resin Research Epoxy system

www.resinresearch.net   -  The best and the safest.   

Fiberglass Supply

www.fiberglasssupply.com  -  They have Resin Research and much more.


www.boardlady.com  -  She's retired now but a great resource about board repair and more.

Harbor View Cottages 

www.harborviewcottages.net  - Vacation rentals in Gold Beach. 

Boardhead International

www.boardheadinternational.com  -  Published by Dana Miller 


www.swaylocks.com  -   An international surfboard design forum with many insightful and enlightening discussions.                                                                  

Les Stansell Guitars