Pistol River Shapes

Glad I was out of the water and totally safe before the kite kook went out.  I'm sure there was some where else he could have went out where the wind was steadier and nobody would have been in the way or in danger from his lack of judgement and skills.  He got easily munched by a wave that was too much for his skill and then his kite dropped from the sky and they got washed.    
6/23/2010 01:53:46 pm

glad u got sum bro; ive been living off internet feeds and fotos of the past trip,thinking abt the nxt 1 to pistol.
have been posting pics of the locals on pdxwinsurfer; Dana,Mark so far .Jerry will be nxt spread the word and let them kno.
ltr gtr.

6/23/2010 11:04:47 pm

Did the kiter get into trouble out there?

Capt Jack
6/25/2010 09:24:46 am

where's a group of sharks when u need them?


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