Pistol River Shapes

Thrailkill was surfing Waimea Bay back in the mid 50's.
5/1/2010 01:30:00 am

Amazing! Now that is a gun. These fins must just act as one and would seem best suited for long drawn out turns.
It would also seem that this design would lead to cavitation when pushing hard laterally because the inside fin would be in the wake (turbulence) of the outside fin. This effect would be most noticeable at high speed (ie.) windsurfing speed. Not that I understand hydro dynamics all that much.
By placing the fins further apart and each closer to the rail I can see an advantage in turning while gauging the rail/fin into the wave and releasing the outside fin completely.
Just sayin.

5/1/2010 03:12:41 am

All I know is that it works really nice for me.

5/2/2010 02:57:14 am

Swaylocks has a search feature. I usually just type in "Thrailkill single twin" and more info becomes available.

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