Pistol River Shapes

3-2-1 blast off.  4.7 was early, 3.5 later on, and then it got really windy.
6/13/2010 13:50:20

was he wearing oxygen during that flight?
does he work fr NASA?
who was that guy?
ltr gtrs

6/13/2010 15:21:00

After getting blown off my 4.7 at pistol around 1:30, headed north; cloudy in bandon, but sunny and BIG at florence. My 1st couple runs out were great with some big smooth rides but then it got sketchy in the zone and had 2 big swims..

6/13/2010 23:22:30

nice sailing with u bro;
c u on the wave face.

6/14/2010 03:05:01

Tyson said Whit had a 54' jump- this may have been it.

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