Pistol River Shapes

There's a saying and it goes something like this,"only a surfer knows the feeling."  It's part of that tapping into the source.  So I loaned out my 7'11" SUP again and it didn't take long to hear the words "its really fast and it turns."  All the while when it also looked plenty stable and easy to catch waves with right from the start. 

So I'm driving home and notice 3 surfers out nearby so I stop to watch them.  I notice one of them just ripping a wave and he comes in after it.  It turns out to be Luke on the 5'4" board I made him last winter.  He mentions that its holding up well and he likes riding it more than his Firewire.  

Rode some waves and experienced some positive feedback about my creations.  It was a good day.             

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