Pistol River Shapes


Tuning up


Looks like the windy season is about ready to finally kick off here.  The new board has new fins and they needed to be tuned-up.  The fin screw head needed to be countersunk as to not be sticking out in the flow and be turbulant.  The paint job on them looked nice but it needed to be wet sanded off as it was also looking a bit turbulant.   I also rounded off the leading edge some, but not much.  It all seemed to work just fine prior to this but I used to race sailboats 30 years ago and have the habit of looking for any performance gains, especially the easy ones.  400 grit wetsanding the bottom is fairly easy too.                
4/28/2010 02:26:38 pm

any pics of the masterpiece?

4/29/2010 12:11:46 am

maybe its moving faster than the speed of light

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