Pistol River Shapes

Surfing 02/28/2010
Caught a few nice waves today.
There were waves and wind but it was tilted all the wrong ways.  It was a really nice day at the beach, but way too much wave size for the wind strength and for going windsurfing in it.  Too much wind for the wave size and was messing it up enough for any good surfing or SUP.  If there was a tsunami happening around here it was really hard to notice it today.   
should be fun.
Linda Marshall photos
pic from 2-18 02/22/2010
Linda Marshall photo
SUPn was gooder.
More SUPn 02/20/2010
SUPn is good.
SUP and swimming 02/19/2010
Broke another leash and had to swim back in a ways as it happened on a big set wave on the outer bar.  Once I made back to shore it took a while for me to locate my board still out there.  Then it was a while longer for it to make it back in to shore as well.  Usually its on the beach way before me.  Grabbed another leash and a few more waves afterwards.  If I ever forget my phone number it will be on my board from now on.    
Nice swell 02/18/2010
Very Foggy but fun waves seemed everywhere if you could even see them around here.  Had to get some of that SUP workout today.   
BIG waves 02/15/2010
The Pistol is migrating north and getting closer to the Rock.  Less logs at the Rock too, but the really good news is that the penalty box is still there.