Pistol River Shapes

Its been windy for several days and that 3.2 wind today proved dangerous.  Currypilot.com has more info.  
4.2 FULL POWAHH 07/13/2010
Its been windy again for several days now and the Rock had some fun sized rides today.  Then it was time to relax afterwards and see if there was any cape action happening.  Luke was ripping it up.  
4.2,4.2 4th,4.7 07/05/2010
There must have been some good wind up north as well as that was a really nice late afternoon windswell delivery today.     
4.7,4.7,4.7... 07/02/2010
Sometimes its just always 4.7, day after day.  Yesterday was no wind and the SUP was fun and a nice change of pace but then it was time to rig the 4.7 again today.